Our Team

Rosita Guzman

Rosita Guzman was born in Colombia and studied Administration & Hospitality in Europe. After many years abroad, she returns to Colombia with the experience she acquired at Rocci Navajas, a company that was nominated Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008. In 2009 she was recruted to be part of the group Prodigy Realty in New York to participate on projects like the Trump Soho and the William Beaver House.
On top of her international education, her experience in real estate as well as her contacts in the business industry, Rosita brings enthusiasm, creativity and ambition as a Commercial Manager at Colombia Exclusive.

Arnaud Bughon

Arnaud Bughon was born in France, where he studied economics at the Sorbonne in Paris. After graduating, he built a distinguished career in finance, working for the World Trade Organization and Investment Banks. Arnaud has always had a passion for Latin America, so since 2006 he divided his time between Europe and South America, where he was the co-founder of Rio Exclusive, the leading luxury real estate company in Brazil. Today, thanks to his vision and his Colombian wife, who has familiarized him over the years with Colombian culture, he decided to invest in a new expanding market: Colombia, with the aim of exploring the emerging Latin American market and making Colombia Exclusive a success in the high-end real estate area, such as is renowned Rio Exclusive.

Juliana Guzman

Juliana Guzman arrives in Colombia with the objective of establishing its flagship project, Colombia Exclusive. Her goal is to create a luxury real estate agency inspired by the mother company Rio Exclusive, founded in 2007 in Rio de Janeiro, which became the biggest luxury accommodation agency in Brazil. Juliana will be capitalizing on her extensive international experience and on the valuable contacts she has achieved over the years. She is now back in her country of origin with her knowledge and experience and the firm intention of repeating her Brazilian success story!"


Howard Gillick

Howard, originally from Canada, has an extensive background in operating and ensuring the success of various international projects and events. Howard was the Director of the Brazilian Ball Toronto for 20 years and has managed international PR teams throughout Brazil, Canada, America, France, Japan and South Korea. Working with a global network of clients in logistics, operations, production, brand strategy and negotiation, he has cultivated a fine understanding of the service required when working with the world's elite and ensures the operations of Colombia Exclusive maintain this high standard. 

Jessika Porte

Jessika has led individuals and businesses over the past 15 years. She lived in England,France and Italy until 2008, where she strated her career in events. Since then she grew a passion for customer services meaning she knows how to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients. She also acquired new competencies by completing various management courses over the years such as multi-cultural interactions. Jessika therefore has all the capabilities to be part of Colombia Exclusive as the manager of the concierge services. Jessika speaks Italian, French, English and her native language Spanish, making her our direct contact for our international clients.

Nicolas Martinez

Nicolas is the Director of our luxury experience, he manages the hospitality staff team and the coordination of guests experience and logistics. He is a Profesional Culinary Chef specialised in Experience Design and Avante-Garde Cuisine from The Basque Culinary Center in Spain, awarded in 2016 as one of the Top 5 revelation Chefs in Colombia. He was the creative chef of El Cielo restaurant ranked as one of San Pellegrino´s top 50, in Latin America. He is responsible for planning and producing special events, coordinating the personalised team for every client and guaranteeing the best quality in the clients interaction with their experience and the cities best high-end offers and trends.

Vera Diana Gonçalves

Vera Diana was born in Portugal and is graduated with an International Business degree in The Netherlands. She has strong communicational and social skills and is an expert in business solutions. After working in different countries such as Portugal, The Netherlands, Brazil and Mexico she improved her cultural skills and talks 5 languages. After working in our office in Brazil, Vera moved to Colombia to work as Commercial Manager in the company. Her talent lies in researching and developing new markets for the company as well as managing the team to ensure that our customers get the excellent service.

Cesar Martiny

Cesar Martiny came to Colombia Exclusive as an important part of the concierge services team. Cesar has travelled extensively throughout all of South and North America over the past 10 years, catering to some of the world's elite VIPs. Throughout his dealings with his clients he has been a personal assistant and image consultant to some of the latin american's most recognizable names. Cesar leads our "on ground" concierge services and event planning, and is one of our main consultants for any festivities, cocktail parties or gatherings that you may need to arrange.

Ana Milena Villamizar

Ana Milena is a Graphic Designer and has a masters degree in Marketing Management. She has a creative and innovative vision, which makes her responsible for ensuring communication strategies to guarantee the recognition of Colombia Exclusive in the local and international market. Ana Milena has worked in advertising agencies and has expertise in digital media and social media management. She has lived and worked in different countries, including France, Spain and Ecuador, where she has shared in an international environment with people of different nationalities and cultures. 

Francisco Ortiz

Francisco is from Colombia and has studied Travel and Tourism as well as various courses of real estate. He has worked for Colombia Exclusive since its inception in 2011 and has helped build it into the premier luxury real estate company it is today. Francisco is in charge of attending to our Latin American clients, from answering inquiries over the phone or email, to personally welcoming clients at check-in. With many years of experience, Francisco always provides the highest quality service and ensures all our clients are well looked after.

Laura Vera

Laura, originally from Colombia, is an Engineer who has been working with us since the founding of Colombia Exclusive in 2011. She operates the administrative and human resource sector, establishing management policies in financial, administrative, structuring, employment and rationalization areas.

Juan Sebastian Olarte

Juan Sebastian is finishing his graduate degree  in international business administration and has worked internationally in Sydney, Australia and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has been with Colombia Exclusive since 2014, contributing significantly to our commercial team with his valuable experience in the real estate industry. Recognized for his excellent talent in this field, his skills have leveraged the results of our sales team as well as generating new ideas in the management of logistics operations. His remarkable organizational and professional skills together with his personalized approach have resulted in exceptional  support for our demanding high-level clients.

Vanessa Villate

Vanessa, Colombian, is the person who brings more positive energies into our team. With academic experience in Art and interiors design, Vanessa has also a large knowledge in meditation techniques, yoga and alternative therapies. With international experience focused in the Orient and Egypt, Vanessa’s social and spiritual skills are a major asset for Colombia Exclusive team.Vanessa, Colombian, is the person who brings more positive energies into our team. With academic experience in Art and interiors design, Vanessa has also a large knowledge in meditation techniques, yoga and alternative therapies. With international experience focused in the Orient and Egypt, Vanessa’s social and spiritual skills are a major asset for Colombia Exclusive team.

Will Lozano

After studying Sound and Production engineering, Will also studied Publicity and Marketing, both in Colombia. Focused in the arts, Will is a songwriter, painter, pianist, singer and an actor. He worked in RCN for Fox Colombia in 2006. Will has international tourism experience as he lived in the most touristic places of Australian east coast, New Zeeland and Taiwan. At the moment he lives in Cartagena, Colombia, where in the past 7 years he created several connections with the providers of the most exclusive yachts, private jets and other luxury touristic services. His artistic attributes and charisma are valuable qualities for touristic activities.

Natalia Prada

Natalia studied administation. She arrived in Colombia Exclusive to work in the Administrative Area. She is responsible for meeting our suppliers, managing accounts payable and receivable as well as other back office activities designed to ensure our clients piece of mind and continue the good relationship with our service providers.

Léo Ulvé

Leo is French and has studied International Business and Information Systems. He is highly organised with a fine attention to detail which enables him to successfully create and implement precise procedures within the information systems department of Colombia Exclusive. His responsibilities include, but are not limited to, designing and maintaining the Colombia Exclusive website, maintenance of internal databases and information systems, and troubleshooting any issues that arise. Leo speaks Portuguese, French and English.

Paola Piovesana

Paola was born in Italy and graduated in Law at the University of Bologna. She gained years of experience working as an executive assistant in a notary office before coming to Latin America. Paola has been living between Italy and Latin America since 2012 and has recently published her own book. She is communicative, determined and efficient. She uses her social, personal and professional skills to provide the very best service, particularly to Italians, for an exclusive experience in Colombia.

Alex Jaspy

Alex joined our team in 2013 to manage the relocation and corporate support services offered by Rio Exclusive. He studied Architecture and also has an MBA in Human Resource Management. He speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish. Alex's interpersonal and communication skills are tantamount to correctly managing people and providing supportive services in his department.


Natalia Arias

Natalia is a social communicator and journalist with a degree in PR and marketing; certified as a personal and business coach she worked as political editor of the news program called Noticias Uno in Colombia, as press officer of Rodrigo Lara during his term as anti-corruption czar, and also as communications director for Corporacion Excelencia en Justicia. She has been manager of ceremonies and protocol for several international events, and has advised various companies on issues of corporate image. She is currently the director of communications of Colombia Exclusive.